Pokemon Sun and Moon are getting Steelbooks, 3DS XL Special Editions

The upcoming Generation VII Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, are getting Steelbooks and 3DS XL special editions. The catch is that these are only confirmed for Europe so far.

Both versions will be getting their induvidually designed Steelbooks, with Sun featuring Solgaleo and Moon featuring Lunala. Called the Fan Edition, pricing for these steelbooks are yet to be announced but I wouldn’t doubt it if these are a pre-order bonus.

Check out the Pokemon Sun and Moon Fan Edition Steelbooks below:

There’s also a Special Edition 3DS XL in black with Solgaleo and Lunala art on the lid in white. Image of that is below:

Pokemon Sun and Moon special edition

The game is set in the Island continent of Alola, based on the Hawaii Islands. Check out the recent gameplay trailer to see what you’re in for.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18 later this year.

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