Pokemon Sun and Moon Kahuna Grand Trials Guide

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players have to complete the Grand Trials in order to acquire Trainer Passport stamps and Z Crystals that can not obtained anywhere else. This guide will help you beat all the Kahuna trainers, complete the Grand Trials and get your rewards.

Grand Trial #1 – Hala The Fighting Type Trainer:

Your first Grand Trial opponent will be Hala, in Iki town. The trainer has three fighting Pokemon, so get your Flying, Psychic or Fairy type Pokemon. Hala will start off by bringing out his Mankey, followed up by Makuhita, and his final Pokemon is Crabrawler. Crabrawler is his toughest Pokemon as it has access to Z-Moves.

After you defeat Hala, he rewards you with a stamp in your Trainer Passport, Fightinium Z and access to Rider Pager.

Grand Trail #2 – Olivia The Rock Type Trainer:

In the Runes of Hope, you will have the second Kahuna named Olivia. The trainer uses Rock type Pokemon so Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water and Grass type moves are very effective against her Pokemon. She has a Nosepass, Boldore and a Lycanroc. She can be a tough opponent if you don’t have the proper type coverage on your team to take down her Rock type Pokemon.

This stage of the Grand Trail does not have any good rewards aside from the Rockium Z CrystalYou also get a stamp on your Trainer Passport after defeating her.

Grand Trail #3 – Nanu The Dark Type Trainer:

The third Kahuna you will face is Nanu. Nanu is the Kahuna of the Ula’ula island, and uses Dark type Pokemon. His party consists of Sableye, Krokorok, and the Alolan Persian. Fighting, Bug and Fairy type moves will work very well against his Pokemon, and will make the fight very easy.

Nanu rewards you with a stamp on your Trainer Passport and Darkinium Z Crystal.

Grand Trail #4 – Hapu The Ground Type Trainer:

In the final Grand Trail battle, you will face Hapu. She is a ground type trainer, and her party consists of Alolan Dugtrio, Gastrodon, Flygon and Mudsdale. Water, Grass and Ice type moves are effective against her Pokemon, and will make the battle very easy.

After you defeat Hapu, she will reward you with stamp on your Trainer Passport and Groundium Z.

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This concludes your Kahuna Grand Trails for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Hopefully this guide helped you defeat all the Kahunas with ease. Pokemon Sun and Moon are developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo, and are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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