Pokemon Sun And Moon Leak: Full Stats Revealed For All Pokemon Including Starters

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released in just a week for the Nintendo 3DS. Coming hot of the heels of Pokemon GO, the latest entry in the popular Pokemon series is hotly anticipated among the fans.

Thanks to an early leak, which resulted in the user gaining access to a retail copy of Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, we have got quite a bit of information from the game. Among them, the stats for all the Pokemon including the starters have also been shared  by those who have data mined the game.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

It shouldn’t be surprising to see the base stats of each Pokemon, since the game can be easily data mined, but it was leaked much earlier than the official launch, which is a nice surprise.

If you want to make a well balanced team, you can head over to Pastebin to take a list at the full set of Pokemon available in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Meanwhile we have shared the base stats for each of the starter Pokemon below.

  1. #722 (Rowlet): 68/55/55/50/50/42
  2. #723 (Dartrix): 78/75/75/70/70/52
  3. #724 ([Dartrix Evo]): 78/107/75/100/100/70
  4. #725 (Litten): 45/65/40/60/40/70
  5. #726 (Torracat): 65/85/50/80/50/90
  6. #727 ([Torracat Evo]): 95/115/90/80/90/60
  7. #728 (Popplio): 50/54/54/66/56/40
  8. #729 (Brionne): 60/69/69/91/81/50
  9. #730 ([Brionne Evo]): 80/74/74/126/116/60

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th.

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