Pokemon Sun And Moon Load Times Compared Between 3DS XL And New 3DS XL

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. While the official launch isn’t until a few days, some users have already managed to grab their copy of the game.

If you own an original Nintendo 3DS and were wondering how the game performs on the New Nintendo 3DS XL, we have a comparison between the starting load times for both hardware in the video below.

As seen in the video comparison above, it takes quite a while for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to start-up on the original 3DS model. This might a result of the lower RAM compared to the new 3DS XL model, which is a rather unfortunate case here.

As for the performance of the game on both hardware, reports point to lower frame rate on the original 3DS XL when we conduct double or totem battles. There is currently no way to avoid frame drops in such a case.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is the newest generation of Pokemon games that are released around 3 years after Pokemon X and Y. The game was developed by Game Freaks and will be published by Nintendo. It is set to launch exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th.

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