Pokemon Sun And Moon: New Leak Reveals Several New Pokemon Designs

Pokemon Sun and Moon is another new generation of Pokemon games. Along with the confirmation of a new location, these games will also feature several new Pokemon designs. While we haven’t seen the full roster of these new Pokemon yet, we do have a recent leak that reveals the characteristics and attacks of some of these Pokemon.

This leak was posted on 4chan, and while the source is rather dubious, the leaks do look legit. The Pokemon that have been leaked can be seen in the screenshots and videos below.




The Pokemon that were leaked today are named: Bruxish, Charjabug, Drampa, Vikavolt, Togedemaru, Cutiefly and Tapu Koko.

Nintendo is going to announce new details regarding the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon tomorrow, on July 1st. It is possible that the leaker had earlier access to the official media for these Pokemon and managed to share the videos and information before its official announcement tomorrow.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two upcoming new Pokemon games that are set to release on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS this November. GameFreaks is developing these new Pokemon games and Nintendo is the publisher. This is the first new mainline game after the release of Pokemon X and Y and this makes it the second new Pokemon generation on the Nintendo 3DS.

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