Pokemon Sun And Moon Reveals Alolan Rattata And Pulverizing Snorlax

Nintendo has just released a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon showcasing the Alolan variation of Rattata. The trailer also revealed an early purchase bonus in the form of a Munchlax holding the item Snorlium Z.

First up is the Alolan Rattata, which is a variation of the common Rattata found in previous games. This new form comes as an adaptation to their new environments in an effort to escape from the Pokemon Yungoos. Perhaps the biggest difference in the Alolan form is the color change from purple to black, and the changing of the Pokemon type from Normal to Dark/Normal.

Additionally, players who purchase the game before 11th January, 2017 will become eligible to receive a Munchlax that evolves into a Pulverizing Snorlax. This Munchlax is holding the item Snorlium Z, and upon evolution into Snorlax, will become able to use it’s very own Z-Move known as the Pulverizing Pancake.

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This Munchlax will also come with two new pre-learned moves called the Hold Back, a move that leaves its opponent with just a single point of HP, and Happy Hour, which when used during a trainer battle will double your winnings after the battle is over. These two moves cannot be normally learned by Munchlax, and will only be available as part of the early purchase bonus.

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Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon are set to release on 18th November, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. You can learn more about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, as well as the new Pokemon set to appear in the games, here.

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