Pokemon Sun And Moon Starters Final Evolution Form Confirmed

Nintendo has released a brand new demo for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. This demo is available at the Nintendo eShop and thanks to data mining, almost the whole PokeDex has been leaked ahead of the official launch of the game.

According to the information that is leaked from the demo, we also have confirmation of the final evolution forms of the Pokemon. The three starters for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. We already had the official reveal of their second evolution form from Nintendo, and now we can confirm their final evolution forms as well.

You can have a look at their final evolution forms in the form of the 3DS sprite models below.


In addition to this leak, we also have confirmation of the Pokedex and the total number of Pokemon included in it. YouTube user Kaphotics has access to the full data from the Pokedex and while there is no way to get all of the Pokemon in the demo, they are listed in the Pokedex. The total number of Pokemon are around 800 as per Kaphotics.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS. It is developed by GameFreaks and will be published by Nintendo.

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