Pokemon Sun and Moon is getting two new Zygarde Formes

zygarde pokemon sun and moon

Zygarde is a legendary Pokemon which made its first appearance in Pokemon X and Y. After years of speculation over getting its own game in the form of Pokemon Z, Zygarde is instead getting two new formes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Zygarde’s two new Formes include the Dog-like 10% forme and the Mech-like Complete Forme. Both formes have previously made appearances in the Anime but will be making their game debuts later this year. The mysterious Pokemon has three more formes including its normal form but that’s a story for another time.

In other news, more Pokemon from the new Sun and Moon games also leaked today.

zygarde pokemon sun and moon

Check out the reveal trailer below:

Core Enforcer looks just stupidly amazing!

Check out the two Japanese trailers released earlier today which show both the formes in battle.

10% Forme trailer:

Complete Forme trailer:

By looking at the trailers, it appears that in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Zygarde will change formes when its HP goes down. 10% Forme with Green HP, Complete Forme with Red HP and supposedly its normal 50% Forme that we’re well acquainted with when it has Yellow HP.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and releases on November 18 later this year.

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