Pokémon Switch Generation 8 Starter Pokémon Reportedly Leaked

Nintendo has confirmed that they will release a Pokemon game for the Switch however they haven’t shared a release date for it yet. Recently, a leak has appeared on 4chan which showcases the 3 new starter Pokemon for Generation 8, which are intended to be for the Nintendo Swtich.

This leak appears to be similar in style to the Generation 7 leaks and features distinct artwork for each of the 3 starter Pokemon, however it is best to take this with a grain of salt. While the previous leak was indeed the real deal, this one has yet to be confirmed and it can turn out to be a fan-made artwork.

The 3 different Pokemon that can be seen in the artwork include a mixture of Rabbit, Platypus and Monkey. They are likely one of the 3 elements that are used for the starters including Fire, Water and Leaf. This is just their first form so it remains to be seen what kind of evolved forms they can end up with, provided this is indeed the real deal.

Pokemon Switch was initially rumored to be released in 2018 however Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a release year for it yet. In their latest fiscal result, Nintendo had listed the release of the game as to be announced which is likely going to be confirmed by E3 2018.

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