Pokemon Sword and Shield releases November 15 Worldwide on Nintendo Switch, new trailer and info blowout

Pokemon Sword and Shield got a major info blowout just now at the Pokemon Direct. We have a ton of information including the release date, new game mechanics and even a brand new trailer.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release November 16 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch and will be available in a Dual Pack which will include both versions of the game.

Sword and Shield are the long awaited 8th gen Pokemon games and will take place in the Galar Region. The games were revealed earlier this year in late February.

Check out the new trailer below which goes over the new game mechanics, new Pokemon and more:

Dynamax really looks cool but ultimately a bit gimmicky, it’ll be interesting to see how it actually works out when we get our hands on the games later this year.

What feature or aspect did you look the most in the new Sword and Shield info blowout? Let us know in the comments.

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