Pokémon X and Y reveal all new details

That Pokémon Company has revealed a few new details about the upcoming games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, as well as releasing a brand new trailer.

The new trailer shows off a few of the new features of Pokémon X and Y, including the brand new type, Fairy, and a new mini-game that lets you interact with your pokémon. There are also three brand new pokémon that have been announced alongside the trailer.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ video_id=”gmywDbnC5oc”]

Fairy type! According to what Nintendo say, this is the very first new type to be revealed in ten years. Is it that long since Steel and Dark were revealed? I’m getting old. The Fairy type will be strong against Dragon types and, going by what is shown in the trilogy, Jigglypuff is now classed as a Fairy type and not just plain normal. I would also hazard a guess that such as Clefairy, Chancy and such as those will also be revealed as Fairy types.

As for new Pokémon that have  been revealed. The first is Sylveon.


Sylveon is said to be able to use its ribbon like feelers to emit an aura that is calming to both humans and Pokémon. Not only that, Sylveon also has a brand new move, a fairy type move, called Moonblast which calls upon the power of the moon for the attack. This can do high damage and reduce the attack of the opponent.

The next in our list is Noivern. This is a Dragon-Flying type that is said to be very aggressive. It navigates through the dark using ultrasonic waves that it emits and these can also be used to attack and are strong enough to reduce a boulder to a pebble. The brand new normal type move that is fitting for Noivern is called Boomburst. Boomburst emits an explosive sound wave that attacks all enemies in range but also strikes any allies nearby as well.


Finally we have Vivillon. This is both a bug and flying type that has a unique pattern on it’s wings that somehow allow it to create very strong gusts of wind to attack with. At the same time Vivillon knows a bug type attack called Struggle Bug. Struggle Bug both causes damage to the opponent but also lowers the special attack of them making it a potent move in both damage dealing and future damage reduction.


Finally we have Pokémon-Amie. This is a new feature that uses the 3DS’ touch screen to allow you to interact with the Pokémon on your team, encouraging and growing a bond with them. Increasing your bond with your Pokémon will somehow help in future battles.

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