Pokemon X and Y Review (3DS)

Who has not wished for a 3D Pokemon game? We’ve pleaded for us, and the almighty creators at GameFreak have heard our voices. Lo and behold, Pokemon X and Y is here.

Nintendo’s 3DS has finally received it’s first proper Pokemon game, and a long awaited one at that. Pokemon X and Y marks a turning point for the franchise and a serious evolution in a number of ways. Don’t worry, the beloved Pokemon are still lovable as ever, and the core aspects of the game are still familiar, fun and quite fresh too.

The game will appeal to everyone, like almost every Pokemon game before it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a ‘hardcore’ gamer or just someone looking to pass the time, Pokemon X and Y will not make you feel like you wasted your hard earned cash. The game will suck you into it’s 3D world right from the start and put you in the mind and shoes of a trainer trying surpass all others when it comes to catching Pokemon and fighting battles. However, not all is right with the world. It does fall flat in a few places.


Unlike previous games, in Pokemon X and Y, you have greater say in what your character looks like. No more will you have to simply pick a gender. Now, you can customize the looks of your character, which leads to a the game feeling more immersive. The very first thing you’ll notice about the game is it’s speed. Once again, comparing it to previous games, Pokemon X and Y is faster, no longer lingering over irrelevant things. You’ll find yourself out and about, looking for new Pokemon with your first badge in hand fairly quick. Even battle animations seem to be faster, hence not requiring the player to wait too long once an action has been selected.

Most aspects of the battles remain the same. Fans of the series will find themselves back in familiar territory, while newcomers will adjust to it soon enough too. There are many tiny improvements to the battle systems that make battles more engaging, like restoring your Pokemon’s health before switching. Sky battles have also been added which are similar to regular battles but seem a little more appealing. The introduction of Mega Evolutions was a smart move by GameFreak as it gives players something more to look forward to and work towards.


Unlike regular evolutions, Mega Evolutions alter your Pokemon’s type hence removing a weakness and strengthening it. This gives you an incentive to pursue more battles and discover the maximum potential of various Pokemon: something that will not disappoint you. Of course, you are only allowed one Mega Evolution per battle to keep things balanced. However, the game isn’t too hard and if you try not to run away from most battles, you’ll find yourself breezing through the game’s combat.  Apart from battles, trading is a core element of Pokemon X and Y and will keep you occupied for hours.

Personally, I think that the best thing about Pokemon X and Y is the fact that you’ll get to see Pokemon from across various generations. Not only that, but they’ve been changed dramatically. Take Charizard for example; he looks more bad-ass than he did before and you’d definitely want to have him in your team throughout your 40 hour journey. Another noteworthy Pokemon is Mewtwo, who, like Charizard, has gone through some major changes. Nonetheless, many of these Pokemon will send a wave of nostalgia rushing through you, and will ensure that you remember your journey through the game.


Despite it’s many fun, new additions and addictive gameplay, Pokemon X and Y falls short when it comes to story. You’ll find yourself stuck with a familiar tale with an obvious outcome, offering nothing new or spectacular to keep you interested. Sure, the gameplay more than makes up for this weakness, but the fact remains that often you’ll end up not caring about the story anymore. Filled with cliches and NPCs that don’t matter, Pokemon X and Y’s story is not praiseworthy at all. The dry and fairly uninteresting story is accompanied by an equally dry and uninteresting soundtrack. Sound effects are greatly improved as well, the traditional battle theme and other sounds have been remaster and sound better than ever.

The game does tend to sometimes suffer from a few technical issues. the Framerate would sometimes drops during battles, especially when 3D mode is activated. But this isn’t a huge issue as the game doesn’t incorporate 3D that much, so you’ll be playing during 2D most of them time. The environments, Pokemon, buildings and everything else look great.


The world is quite well designed and characters seem fleshed out too. All this contributes to making the game more engaging, just like it should be. There are a number of places to be explored, lots of Pokemon (over several generations) to be captured, numerous battles to be fought, gym badges to be obtained and so on. Pokemon X and Y promises a wonderful experience and does not give you a chance to yawn in boredom.

Pokemon X and Y reintroduces the Player Search System, which is as far as Pokemon gets when it comes to playing online. Through this system, gamers can search for other gamers and battle with them, trade Pokemon or just share a video showing off your character and Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y Review (3DS)


Overall Pokemon X and Y is one of the best games available on the Nintendo 3DS. Offering hundreds of hours of gameplay, Pokemon X and Y is the epitome of great value. So if you're a 3DS or owner you need to get Pokemon X and Y.


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