Pokemon X & Y console pre-order bundles sold out on Amazon.jp

It seems like Amazon Japan has exhausted it’s reserve of 100,000 Pokemon X & Y consoles in just nine hours.

A tweet from Amazon Japan indicates that a 100,000 Pokemon X & Y Nintendo 3DS consoles were available for pre-order. All of these were sold out in nine hours. The game is still available for pre-order, meaning that only the console bundles have been sold out, and the game units were obviously more than 100,000.


Pokemon X & Y is due for an October 12th release and is coming out exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. It is also the first Pokemon game to feature 3D graphics, and includes a number of new features, such as group battles and mini-games that were announced earlier. Also, it’s pretty obvious that we’ll be seeing a whole lot of new Pokemon and new environments.

I am excited for this game without a doubt. Seeing as how this game is going to sell very well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the units were sold out here as well. This means I’ll have to pre-order immediately. What about you? Are you excited for this new addition to the Pokemon franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Dualshockers.


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