Pokemon X and Y: Getting Torchic via Mystery Gift Event

In Pokemon X and Y players will be able to get a free Torchic via a time specific Mystery Gift Event from Nintendo as a thanks for buying the game at launch. The Torchic Mystery Gift Event will take place between Oct. 12, 2013 – Jan. 15, 2014 and can be only accessed via an Internet connection.

To get the Torchic all you need to do is have a valid WiFi connection set up on your 3DS and select the Mystery Gift option in the main menu of Pokemon X or Y. Now select “GET VIA INTERNET”, it will then search for on going events and download the event Pokemon into your game.


To get the Torchic though you’ll need to go into the game, walk inside any nearby Pokemon Center and talk to the woman left to the Nurse.  You can save before talking to her to try your luck obtaining different Natures or IVs but don’t try going for a Shiny because Giveaway Pokemon are often Shiny locked.

The Torchic will always be Male so you’ll need a Ditto if you plan to breed it (we need more of them in the Wonder Trade by the way!), it’s Level will be 10 and all Torchics are distributed in a bright red Cherish ball which looks really cool. The Torchic will also be holding Blazikenite allowing you to Mega Evolve it after leveling it up and it’s ability is Speed Boost which increases Torchic’s speed after every turn.


Torchic’s attacks are Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, and Ember and it’ll come with a Premier Ribbon. You can get another Torchic if you decided to reset your game as long as the event is active. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your Torchics folks!

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