Pokemon X and Y: O-Power Locations Guide

O-Powers are time specific bonuses introduced in Pokemon X and Y which when activated grant players abilities like a higher change of critical attacks in battle, easier befriending of Pokemon, etc. O-Powers in the game are found by talking with the “O-Power guy” dressed in a pink suit, talking to him will have him give you an O-Power.

You can use multiple O-Powers at the same time but you need to keep an eye on the Energy bar, each O-Power uses Energy so the more you use at once the lesser time you’ll have before they expire. O-Powers can be accessed on the right page of the PSS.


There are 14 O-Powers in total and can be found in the following locations (thanks /u/thedragonguru):

  • Route 5 (Attack, Defense, HP, & Capture)
  • Camphrier Hotel, second floor, far right room (Sp. Atk)
  • Ambrette Hotel (Sp. Def)
  • Cyllage Hotel (Prize Money)
  • Geoseng Hotel (Speed)
  • Shalour Pokemon Center (Critical)
  • Cormarine Pokemon Center (Befriending)
  • Lumiose Hotel Richissime, on North Blvd, between routes 16 and 14, near Hibernal Avenue (Bargain)
  • Laverre Pokemon Center (Encounter)
  • Dendemille Pokemon Center (Accuracy)
  • Anistar Pokemon Center (Exp Point)
  • Couriway Hotel (Stealth)
  • Snowbelle Pokemon Center (PP Restoring)
  • Lumiose Cafe Introversion, on South Blvd, between route 4 and 5, near Vernal Ave Max Style and all other O-powers required (Hatching)

You can also level up O-Powers which can be done easily by using them. So use O-Powers as many times as possible to get the greatest benefits from them. Also make sure to use them on your friends and Acquaintances , trust me they’ll thank you later.

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