Pokemon X and Y: Use Exp Share and Lucky Egg to level up quickly

Using Exp share to level up weak Pokemon you just got off Wonder Trade and wondering if there’s a faster method to gain experience? Well we might have something that helps.

Now to level up your Pokemon even quickly using while using Exp Share you need an item called Lucky Egg. You can get a Lucky Egg in the Hotel in Coumarine city, you can get more later in the game stealing them off Pokemon in Friend Safari. What Lucky Egg basically does is increase the Exp gained by the Pokemon holding it, and if the Pokemon holding Lucky Egg takes part in battle then the extra experience is carried over to your team.


For example your Participating Pokemon gets 1000 experience from battle, your non-participating Pokemon will each get around 500 experience points. If your Participating Pokemon is holding a Lucky Egg it will gain bonus experience of around 1500, then non-participating Pokemon will get half of that i.e 750 points. Now if non-participating Pokemon hold Lucky Eggs of their own their they get even more experience!

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As a bonus tip if you really want to gain the most experience possible in a battle then make sure that Pokemon is from a trade, get maximum affection in Pokemon Amie, have it hold a Lucky Egg and use Level 2 Experience Point O-Power.

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