Pokemon X and Y Version Exclusive Pokemon list

Behold Pokemon fans everywhere, Pokemon X and Y is now available in stores worldwide and we’re guessing our readers already have their hands on the game. For those who are still starting out or those who are still not sure which version they want to buy should check out this list of version exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y.

Critics and fans everywhere are loving Pokemon X and Y so far. In X and Y players will explore the region of Kalos, a region based loosely on France, in full 3D environments which is a first for a mainline Pokemon game. Along with it’s own set of new Pokemon, Kalos also houses many Pokemon from other regions too, which is perfect in my opinion to bring old players back into the games.


Like every Pokemon game released before Pokemon X and Y are two separate games i.e Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Both X and Y have their exclusive Pokemon which aren’t catchable in the other version. Check out our Pokemon X and Y Version Exclusive Pokemon list below:

Pokemon X Version Exclusive Pokemon

– Staryu
– Starmie
– Pinsir
– Houndour
– Houndoom
– Poochyena
– Mightyena
– Aron
– Lairon
– Swirlix
– Slurpuff
– Clauncher
– Clawitzer
– Xerneas (Legendary)

– Mega Charizard X (with Charizardnite X)
– Mega Mewtwo X (with Mewtwonite X)

Pokemon Y Version Exclusive Pokemon

– Shellder
– Cloyster
– Heracross
– Larvitar
– Pupitar
– Tyranitar
– Eletrike
– Manetric
– Purrloin
– Liepard
– Throh
– Spritzee
– Aromatisse
– Skrelp
– Dragalge
– Yveltal (Legendary)

Mega Evolutions:
– Mega Charizard Y (with Charizardnite Y)
– Mega Mewtwo Y (with Mewtwonite Y)

Pokemon Y seems to be in the lead with more exclusive Pokemon compared to Pokemon Y (17 against 14 respectively) but in the end it depends on which set of Pokemon you like more. Do note that the Mega Stones can be traded so you can get X exclusive Mega Evolutions in Y. Also the recently revealed Z Pokemon, Zygarde, will be catchable in both Pokemon X and Y.

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So tell us, which version did you get or are planning on getting in the comment below. Also make sure to check out our Pokemon X and Y review, spoiler it’s really good.

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