Pokken Tournament DX Demo For Nintendo Switch Is Limited To Just 15 Battles

Pokken Tournament DX is the next major release for the Nintendo Switch. It is not a brand new game but more of a definitive edition experience like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Since the game is out in September, Nintendo has announced a demo for the game ahead of its launch and if you have a Japanese Nintendo Network ID, you are able to download the demo before it releases in the West.

Nintendo eShop used to have a limit of locking out a demo if the player had tried it a certain amount of times. This was a rather stupid design because of the way it was integrated. The demo for a game is not meant to offer full experience and locking out whatever limited experience it offers never seemed like a wise move.

This was thankfully completely removed with the release of the Nintendo Switch but it seems to be making its return in Pokken Tounament DX demo, atleast if you download it from Japanese Nintendo eShop. This is according to one reddit user who dropped this information in his post. To bypass the limit, you will be required to delete and redownload the demo again so while it is a stupid limit, it doesn’t seem to be locked to the hardware like the Nintendo 3DS.

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