PoodleCorp Plan On Taking Down Pokemon GO Again

The Hacker group known as PoodleCorp has been very active recently, taking down Pokemon GO servers as well as the Steam network. A couple of days ago, the Pokemon GO servers were DDoS’d, which resulted in thousands of players being unable to play the game. PoodleCorp has also hacked twitter accounts and Youtube channels of famous Youtubers, such as Superwoman, H3H3Productions, LeafyIsHere and Drama Alert. They also took down the League of Legends servers for a short period of time.

PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for the Pokemon GO servers going down, and they are planning on doing it again. According to the tweet, PoodleCorp plan to attack the Pokemon GO servers in two weeks, and the servers will stay offline for 24 hours.


In an interview with Keemstar, PoodleCorp member, Axo-0 was asked why the group attacked these popular Youtubers, to which he responded by saying, “Because we can. We like to create chaos because chaos is entertainment and we like to make people angry.”

Pokemon Go

The hacker also confirmed that PoodleCorp consists of 3-4 members of the infamous Lizard Squad, and a few other hackers that joined together to make a “Super group”. For Pokemon GO fans that do not want the servers to go down, Axo-0 said, “Find something else to do, because if that’s all you do, you need to get a life.”

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