Potion Explosion Will Be Out On iOS And Android In December

For all those who desperately wanted to get into Hogwarts, but couldn’t, there’s some good news for you. You can still feel the thrill of mixing different kinds of liquids together to form potions. However, if the same ingredients are mixed, they can cause explosions.

Originally a boardgame, Potion Explosion, lets players experiment with different ingredients to make various potions. Players get to take one marble from the ingredient tank, but if two marbles of the same color smack together after one marble is removed, there can be an explosion.


Asmodee Digital and Horrible Games have made a digital adaptation of the game, which reminds players of other match-3 games, such as, Candy Crush or Puzzle Quest. Potion Explosion is said to be a little more complex though.

Users take on the roles of students at Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards. The rules of the game are like those of the boardgame. The main aim  for players is to collect as many Skill Tokens as they can, and the one with the most wins. A Skill Token is rewarded after users have successfully created 3 to 5 potions, which they can do by moving the marbles around.

Players can choose between multiplayer mode – either online or offline – and single player mode. Potion Explosion for iOS and Android will be released sometime next month at a price of  £5.99 ($6.99).


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