Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid features cross-play across Xbox One, Switch and PC but not PS4

The recent announced Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid fighting game will feature cross-play but only across Xbox One, Switch and PC and not the PS4.

Although Sony has recently changed their stance on cross-play, starting support for the feature starting with Fortnite, it seems the Japanese electronics giant is very picky with the games they deem fit. On the other hand Steam, Microsoft and Nintendo leave it up to the developer if they want to use cross-play or not.

The news was confirmed in the press release for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid; where it was confirmed the Switch, Xbox One and PC users will share the same playing pool.

  • Cross-Play and Cross-Progression – Matchmaking is made easy as players on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC can compete in the same pool. Swap platforms and your mission progression comes with you.

There’s a ton of benefits of can think of in a game like Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the most importantly for me personally is the added benefit of the chance of getting better connections with other players due to having a bigger playing pool. PS4 players of the game will unfortunately be stuck with a much smaller playing pool compared to the other platforms.

Rangers: Battle for the Grid releases later this year for $20, the Collector’s Edition which includes extra goodies will sell for $40.

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