No More Pre-Rendered Cutscenes From Naughty Dog Starting With Uncharted 4 – Report [Update]

Uncharted 4 was revealed to the world at E3 earlier this week. The teaser showed a slightly older looking Nathan Drake and showed visuals that were mistaken to be CGI by many people, including popular gaming magazine Edge Online.

The teaser was later confirmed to be in in-engine, and running in real-time on the PS4. This was first confirmed by Corrinne Yu on her twitter account, and later by GamingBolt, who asked this question from Naughty Dog and got a confirmation regarding it.


According to another user on popular dev forum Beyond3D, Naughty Dog are going to drop pre-rendered cutscenes starting with Uncharted 4.

Beginning with Uncharted 4, all Naughty Dog games will feature completely in engine, real time, 3D cutscenes (if they even stay cutscenes anymore), a huge performance departure from what they used to ship.

This was confirmed by another Senior Animator at Ubisoft, who had heard the same from his friends at Naughty Dog.

Yeap – my buddy from ND confirmed that too ; ) he said they have some crazy rendering pipeline there…

This was never confirmed by Naughty Dog, although the only confirmation that came from them was regarding Uncharted 4 teaser being run in real-time at 1080p and 60 fps. If they are going to drop the pre-rendered cutscenes, it could be good news. Pre-rendered cutscenes might look good but they don’t reflect the changes to the character e.g when we use an alternative costume in game, it won’t be shown in that cutscene. If Naughty Dog have managed to accomplish this feat, they definitely deserve a pat on the back for it.

Update: Corrinne Yu has further confirmed that this was an in-game level, running in real-time on a PS4. She also considers it not worthy of being labeled as a CGI as in her words “it doesn’t look good enough.”

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