Prey 2017 Guide: How To Increase Your Inventory Size


During your play through of Prey 2017, you will pick up tons of different weapons and items that will help you survive. These items will keep you alive, and will get you out of bad situations.

However, every player will run into a problem, which is inventory space. At the start of the game, your inventory space is very limited, and you will often have to discard or recycle items to make room for a new ones. This guide will help you solve that problem, by increasing your overall inventory size.

How To Increase Inventory Size In Prey 2017:

Prey features a Grid-like inventory space, similar to that of the Resident Evil games. This means that players will have to fit all of their items into the grid space, and you will have to manage them if you want to make the most of the given space.

Prey also has abilities and other useful features that allow you to upgrade your character and weapons. One of these abilities can be upgraded to give players additional inventory space, allowing them to carry more items.

As you may already know, you can use Neuromods to upgrade your abilities. You can use these Neuromods to level up a skill that will increase your overall inventory space.

The three upgrades that you will need, in order to increase your inventory space are Suit Modification I, II, and III. A list of everything these upgrades offer, the requirements and the cost of the abilities is given below:

Suit Modification I:

This upgrade will increase your chipsets by two, and also expands your inventory size with additional slots. This upgrade requires Repair I, and it will cost you two Neuromods.

Suit Modification II:

This upgrade will add two more chipsets, and will also increase your inventory size with additional slots. This upgrade requires Suit Modification I, and it will cost you four Neuromods.

Suit Modification III:

Suit Modification III will bring the total number of chipsets up to eight, and will increase your inventory space even further. For this upgrade, you will need Suit Modification II and it will cost six Neuromods.

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Hopefully this guide helped you increase your inventory space in Prey. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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