Prey 2017 Guide: How To Recycle Junk Items And Its Benefits


There are tons of different features in Prey. One of which, is the ability to recycle items that you do not need. There are several different useful items that you can get by recycling.

Recycling allows players to take useless items, that they are not going to use, and turn them into useful items that will help them. So instead of selling your items to the vendors, players can recycle their items, to get useful materials that they can use in different ways. This guide will teach you the benefits of recycling items, and what to remember when you are recycling something.

How To Recycle Useless Items in Prey:

Before you start recycling items, you must know how and where you have to go, in order to recycle. To recycle items, players must locate the big recycling machine that can be found in almost every area of Talos-1. There is even a recycling machine in Morgan’s Office.

In your inventory, you must have noticed that some items are of different colors. The grey items are useless items, and you can recycle these items to turn them into useful items that you can use.

Once you know the difference between the useful and useless items, you can start recycling. Find a Recycling machine and access the left side bin of the machine. Put in all the useless items that you don’t want, and then start the recycling process by activating the machine via the console. Once your junk items are done being recycled, the useful materials will drop into the right bin and you can just pick them up.

Here’s a list of items that can be recycled to get useful materials:

Organic Items:

  • Biohazard Waste
  • Mimic Tumor
  • Typhon Cortex
  • Typhon Ganglion
  • Typhon Organ
  • Typhon Plasma

Junk Items:

  • Asteroid Fragment
  • Burnt Circuit Board
  • Caladium Plant Stems
  • Compost
  • Corroded Coil
  • Test Tube
  • Tulip Flower
  • Agave Plant Clippings

Keep in mind that the junk items given in the list above are not all the junk items in the game. You will find several different junk items while playing the game.

Benefits of Recycling:

As mentioned before, recycling allows you to get rid of useless items, and turns them into useful materials. These materials can be used for Fabricate your weapons, and other crafting options. Recycling will get you materials, so that you don’t have to go out of your way to find them.

Aside from weapon fabrication, players can also craft a Neuromods from organic materials, which will allow your character to learn new abilities. Some of these items can turn into rare materials, so make sure you hold onto them, as you might need them later on in the game.

Hopefully this guide helped you understand the importance and benefits of recycling in Prey. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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