Prey 2017 Guide: How To Store Your Inventory Items


Prey has all the featured of an action-adventure game, however, something it lacks, is the feature to have a global storage unit where players can store their items.

In Prey, players will often find themselves having to discard items, to make room for other items. The game does not have a storage system, where players can store items that they want to hold onto. This can cause a problem for players, as they might not want to discard their items, and keep them. This guide will help you solve that problem by showing you how to store your items in a safe and secure location in Prey.

How To Store Your Items In Prey:

During your play through of Prey, players will reach a point where they will have too many items, and they won’t be able to pick up any new items due to the small inventory space. To solve the problem of the inventory space, players can make use of the several containers that can be found through out the Talos-1 space station.

You can store your items in any of the safes, and containers that are scattered across the space station, and you don’t have to worry able the items despawning. Once you have stored an items in a container or safe, the item will remain there. So you can use any container for storage.

To make things more convenient, players should choose a safe or container in an area which they will visit frequently. One of the best places to store your items is your Office. The safe in the office provides a safe place for players to store their items, and you will visit the place a lot.

To store your items, interact with a storage container or a safe, to open it up. Now press the left button to move to your inventory space. Here you can choose whichever item you want to store in the container, and free up some inventory space.

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You can use several storage containers to keep your items safe, while making room for new items. Hopefully this guide helped you store your items, and make room for new items to pick up. Prey is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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