Prey 2017 Guide: Smuggler’s Dead Drops Locations


There are tons of different collectibles in Prey. From Transcribe Recordings to various materials, the game will have players find and collect several different collectibles that are scattered all over the Talos 1 Space Station.

One of the several collectibles in the game is the Smuggler’s Dead Drops. There are a total of six Dead Drops in Prey, some of which are in hard to reach places, but are quite easy to get. This guide will help you find and collect all six of the Smuggler’s Dead Drops in Prey.

Smuggler’s Dead Drops Locations In Prey:

There are six Smuggler’s Dead Drops in total. Collecting all six of the Smuggler’s Dead Drops will unlock the ‘Black Market’ Trophy/Achievement. Some players might have trouble finding these Drops and keep in mind, that you will need a Gloo Cannon to reach some of the Dead Drops.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #1:

For the first Smuggler’s Dead Drop, you will have to make your way to Arboretum. Once in the area, go to the lobby and locate the body of Lily Morris. There will be a Red Alarm Box above her. Get close to the box with the help of your Gloo Cannon and hit it three times with your wrench. This will reveal the hidden safe which contains a Neuromod and ammo.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #2:

To find the second Smuggler’s Dead Drop, players will have to make their way to the Fitness Center. Locate the hall outside the Fitness Center, look for another Red Alarm box. Once you have found it, use the Gloo Cannon to reach it and hit it three times with your wrench. Collect the rewards inside.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #3:

Before you start looking for the third Smuggler’s Dead Drop, make your way to the Cargo Shipment Control Center. The third Red Alarm Box is located near some white containers. Once you have located the Alarm box, hit it three times and collect the Neuromod, Weapon Kit fabrication license, and an EMP Charge inside.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #4:

The fourth Smuggler’s Dead Drop, make your way over to the TranStar Exhibit, in the Lobby. You will be able to locate the Red Alarm Box near the Neuromod display. Reach the box with the help of your Gloo Cannon, and hit it thrice to claim the rewards.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #5: 

The fifth Smuggler’s Dead Drop is very close to the previous one. From the location where you found the previous Smuggler’s Dead Drop, head towards the restroom, and look for the Red Alarm Box in the hallway. Reach it and hit to thrice to get the rewards.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #6: 

Now you can start looking for the final Dead Drop in the Atrium. In the Hardware Labs, ride the Gav Shaft and reach the upper level, where the final Red Alarm Box is. It is located near the Statue of William Yu. Reach it with the help of the Gloo Cannon and strike it thrice. Now you have found all the Smuggler’s Dead Drops in Prey 2017.

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Hopefully this guide helped you find all the Dead Drops in Prey. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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