Prey Update 1.02 Reportedly Downgrades Performance On PS4 While Fixing Latency


Prey has received a brand new update today that aims to implement some major fixes including fix for corrupted saves and for the input latency, however it is not without its own set of issues that appear to be a part of this newest update.

The full update details for Prey’s latest patch can be seen here and while the patch notes look great, what they don’t mention is that the performance of the game has dropped after installing this new update. While the game used to run with locked 30 FPS before this update, the performance can now drop in some scenarios where there are a lot of enemies of screen. This has been reported on reddit and also on the Prey subreddit, where people are complaining of performance issues for the game on the PS4.

This is aside from the fact that Prey doesn’t even offer PS4 Pro support so the performance of the game appears to be the same on the regular PS4 as well as the PS4 Pro. While the input latency issue has been resolved somewhat, Bethesda needs to patch out the performance as well and hopefully implement proper PS4 Pro support in a new update.

Prey is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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