Prey Guide: Every Weapon And Fabrication Plan Locations


The new action-adventure game from Arkane Studios has tons of different and unique weapons that players will find during their play through of Prey.

These weapons are scattered throughout the Prey story mode, and are usually found near dead bodies of staff members, so always stay on the lookout for corpses. This guide will help you find every weapons in Prey, alongside the Fabrication Plans required for some of the weapons.

Weapon And Fabrication Plan Locations For Prey:

Prey has several different types of weapons, that players will need to survive. These range from pistols to shotguns, and this guide will help you find all of them.


The wrench is the first weapon that players will come across in Prey. The weapon can be found near the dead body of Patricia Varma, after you leave your apartment for the second time.

Gloo Gun:

The second weapon that you will find is the Gloo Gun. This weapon can be found in two locations. You can find this weapon in the Woman’s restroom on the first floor of the Main Lobby or inside the Neuromod Division Foyer.

The Fabrication Plans for the Gloo Gun are in Morgan’s Office, inside the safe. The office is located in Talos 1 Lobby.

Disruptor Stun Gun:

The Disruptor Stun Gun is also in Neuromod Division Foyer. It is on the second floor, near a dead body in the far corner. You can spot is easily.

Huntress Boltcaster:

The Huntress Boltcaster is located in the Typhon 1 Main Lobby’s Sales Division. You can find it behind Kelly Randolph’s desk.

The Fabrication plans are in a different area. Make your way to Neuromod Division level 1, and the plans are locked in Caleb Hawthorne’s terminal in Research and Design.

Silenced Pistol:

You can find the Silenced Pistol in two locations, however, the one found on Elias Black’s body in the Teleconfrencing Center in the Talos 1 Lobby is more convenient. You can find the Silenced Pistol, as well as the Fabrication Plans at this location.


The Q-Beam isn’t the easiest weapon to find, however, it is completely worth all the trouble. This weapon is amazing, and it is a must have. Start off by making your way to the Hardware Labs, and find the Machine Shop. Once you have reached the location, exit through the airlock and you will end up outside, in space. When you have exited the airlock, move forward a bit and look towards the right side. You will see a destroyed portion of the space station.

Make your way inside the hole and repair the console on the wall. You will need the Engineer Skill, Repair II. Once you have repaired the panel on the wall, make your way back through the airlock you came from. When you are back in the room, go through the door on the left and get to the second floor. Get to the Beams & Waves Lab, and interact with the console that is in front of you, as you enter the room. Test the Q-Beam on the Phantom and the door will open. You will be able to retrieve the Q-Beam Weapon.

The Fabrication plans are hard to get for this weapon. You will have to get to Arboretum and then make it to the Deep Storage, where the Fabrication plans are located. To gain access to the Deep Storage, you will have to complete the mission called ‘Gathering Echoes’. Once you enter the locked room, move towards the right side of the room, and look for a note on the console. Now go to the next room and access the staircase on the right side with the help of the code on the note. Make your way up the stairs, turn right and make your way across the walkway, into Danielle Sho’s office. When you are in the office, there is a safe on the far right corner of the room, and the code for the safe is behind one of the monitors in the room.

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Hopefully this guide helped you find all the weapons in Prey. The game comes out on May 5th, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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