Principal Technical Director at Activision says: “We’ll have to support AMD’s Mantle API”

Last week AMD took the world by surprise when it announced an API named “Mantle” that will help developers port the GCN architecture using low-level high-performance drivers. This move will help the developers to port the optimized versions of the game on consoles to PC.

AMD partnered up with EA to show Battlefield 4 and that Battlefield 4 will be the first among the titles to use Mantle API. Activision caught word of it, Wade Brainerd, Prinicpal Technical Director at Activision in a recent tweet said that they’ll “have to support” Mantle but wishes it was an OpenGL Extension.

Activision is the publisher for the famous Call Of Duty series which is the main rival for EA’s Battlefield series. It is good to know that many are supporting AMD’s Mantle API more and more which will result in astonishing looking titles across both major platforms i.e. Consoles and the PC.

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