Project CARS Finds Success With 2 Million Copies Sold

The motorsport racing simulator game, Project CARS, has sold 2 million copies worldwide. Representatives from Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios seemed pleased with the numbers while announcing the sales figures.

Project CARS Game Director, Stephen Viljoen, stated that sales figures prove that all games designed with passion and craftsmanship always turn out well, and that this has motivated the team to keep creating the games and features that fans want. Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO, Ian Bell, also commented that the sales of Project CARS confirm that the game has revolutionary racing simulation. He said that it was his belief from the beginning that as long as the team created what customers demanded and gave their full commitment to the work, the game would definitely be a success.


Project CARS is designed specially for those who prefer their motorsport experience raw and completely genuine. The game lacks features, such as, rewinds and pop punk soundtracks. Instead, it allows the player to capture the true experience of handling a racing car and is considered to be rather satisfying to play by most users.

Project Cars is considered to be a brilliant game across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game’s user-friendliness and amazing visuals may be the factors that have contributed most to its success.


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