Project L Team Focused on Character Development

As more news about Project L begins to surface it’s clear that Tom Cannon/Senior Director and Executive Producer of Project L and Tony Cannon/Technical Lead of Project L are not only focused on game mechanics, but also on how their representation of the characters land with fans of League of Legends. A recent tweet by an employee at Riot Games gives us a glimpse into how character development is taking place internally.

According to a tweet by @georevilo who works as a Technical Game Designer for Riot Games, the version of Ekko we saw in the Project L trailer was a result of several internal meetings with a group not part of the core Project L development team at all. He went on to say

A bunch of us at Riot’s Black Employee group had several sessions with the Project L team to get him looking right. That team is putting in so much work and I’m so hype that everyone is getting to see it!

While no release date has been set, the Project L team has promised more frequent updates in 2022.

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