Project Morpheus Will Have Close To 20 Games At E3, Including Guerrilla Games And Indies

Project Morpheus is the upcoming VR experience from Sony, which is getting an official release in early 2016. While we still don’t know its price and an exact release date, Sony is planning to show Project Morpheus in a major way at their E3 2015 conference.

Project Morpheus is confirmed to have more than 20 games at E3 including some from Sony First Party Studios like Guerrilla Games, and some from Indies and Third Party Developers. Wired revealed the details about Sony’s E3 plan for Project Morpheus in their article. Some of the games included in this lineup include a VR version of Ubisoft’s popular Trackmania, Harmonix Music VR and Wayward Pines, a game from the developers of Monday Night Combat.


Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida stressed that they want the fans to purchase Project Morpheus based on its games. “We need to convince PS4 owners to spend several hundred dollars to purchase a Morpheus headset, on top of the PS4 they already have,” says Shuhei Yoshida, “And more gaming content is what will convince them. We have 30 or more games being developed that we are tracking—not all of them will come out at launch, but there are serious efforts being made on all of them.”

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