‘Project N.O.X’ teased by Trails and Ys developers Falcom

Trails and Ys developers Nihon Falcom have teased a brand new project called ‘Project N.O.X’ via a teaser website.

The dynamic website features a loading bar which leads to a splash page. The page is titled 2019, hinting at the game could released next year. Having just released The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV back in September, this probably the developer’s next project.

The countdown on the website will end on December 19 at 15:00 JST.

The page has the text “I had a Dream, found out the Truth in a prison called ‘cradle’…,” followed by an image of a girl holding an orb of some sort that has plants growing out of it. The English text is interesting since Falcom develops games mainly for the Japanese market, with only a few of their games coming stateside. The Trails series for example has several games including the Crossbell Arc (Trails of Zero and Azure) as well as Cold Steel III and IV which haven’t yet been localized for the Western market. Could this game be developed for a worldwide audience in mind?

The name N.O.X is leading to many people speculating what the game could be. Many think it’s the next Ys title i.e Ys IX which was confirmed to be in development earlier this year. However some also think this could be part of Falcom’s Xanadu series, maybe something like Nightmare of Xanadu?

What do you think ‘Project N.O.X’ could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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