Project Scorpio is 4.5x more powerful than Xbox One, Claims Phil Spencer

In an interview with Giant Bomb, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed just how powerful Project Scorpio will be. Spencer revealed the number in a discussion, stating that “Scorpio is four-and-a-half times more powerful than the original Xbox”

Microsoft have yet to confirm the full specs of Project Scorpio. However, we know that the console will include 6 teraflops of GPU power and be a “true 4K” console capable of delivering “high-fidelity VR”. The console is believed to have more RAM and improved memory bandwidth over the Xbox One’s 8GB DDR3 as well as an improved CPU.


It is expected to be faster than Sony’s Playstation Neo. Playstation Neo is expected to have 4.2 teraflop GPU while Project Scorpio has a 6 teraflops GPU. Spencer also said that their motivation for this new console is the upgrade to 4k. He also stated that if you have an Xbox One, “don’t go buy an Xbox One S thinking your games are going to run better”. If you’re a person who wants 4k streaming and HDR then Xbox One S is the console for you.

Also, there will be no Project Scorpio exclusives. All games released for Project Scorpio will be compatible with Xbox One and the new Xbox One S.

Project Scorpio comes out in the Holidays 2017. A price has yet to be announced regarding Project Scorpio.

Abdullah Raza


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