Project Scorpio Announced By Microsoft: “Most Powerful Console Ever”

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One hardware at their E3 2016 conference. This hardware is still shrouded in mystery but from what they have revealed at their conference, it looks to be “most powerful console ever” by having 6 tera flops of GPU power and it is currently aiming for a release in Holiday 2017.

The best part about this new hardware announcement is that it will support backwards compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox One S and should be able to render games at 4K resolution. Judging from the 6 tera flops GPU power, it is conisderably powerful than the current generation consoles.

If you are wondering about the comparison to current generation consoles, Xbox One is rated at 1.24 teraflops while PS4 is rated at 1.8 teraflops. This is going to be a big leap to 6 teraflops for Project Scorpio and with backwards compatibility allowing users to play their Xbox One games on the new hardware, it should be a good choice for the dedicated users who prefer the better hardware for their games.

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