Project xCloud Could Technically Stream 3500 Games, 1900 For Xbox One

Microsoft has shared an update on their Project xCloud streaming service. They are still internal testing it among Microsoft employees. They have recently detailed the technical capabilities of Project xCloud.

According to Microsoft, Project xCloud has the capability to stream 3500 games including 1900 that have been released for the Xbox One.

Today you can play three generations of amazing games on Xbox One. That means that Project xCloud has the technical capability to stream more than 3,500 games, without any changes or modifications required by a developer. In other words, developers will be able to dramatically scale their existing games across devices, with no additional development, no additional code base maintenance and no separate updates. When a developer updates the Xbox One version of their title, those updates will also apply to all versions available on Project xCloud without any additional work.

This also applies to the 1900 Xbox One games that can be made available on the service. To facilitate this process and make it easier for developers to support streaming of their games, Microsoft has added some enhancements to the Xbox Developer Kit making it easier for the developers.

Project xCloud will be delivered through Azure datacenters so don’t expect to see the streaming service launch worldwide. If it is released to the public, it will be gradually rolled out across the various Azure cloud data centers.

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