PS Now Beta Locked Content Issue: Possible Temporary Solution Discovered

PS Now Beta had caused a major issue for some users, locking them out of their legally purchased content until a possible fix had arrived. In case you are still stuck with locked content issue, there is a temporary fix that might help with this issue.

If you used the PlayStation Now Beta in UK/EU and also a subscription to PlayStation Plus, it is possible that a recent update might have caused all your legally purchased content to be locked out of your reach. There is no official fix for this issue but you can try this temporary fix in the meanwhile.

  • Go to PlayStation Store on your console.
  • Download a game demo for any of the available games, it doesn’t matter which one.

This might unlocked all the locked content on your console. If you can’t use this method, you can try starting the games from the Library section on the PS4.

If both of these methods don’t work, then there is no choice but to wait for an official fix from Sony.

Let us know if you have managed to fix your issue using this method in the comments below.

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