PS Plus 1 Year Membership Available For $39.99 At Newegg

While Sony has officially increased the price of each PS Plus membership in North America and Canada, starting on September 22nd, there are still some cheap deals available that are offering the 1 year subscription far cheaper than the official price.

Retailer Newegg is one of the sellers who are offering a cheap price for yearly subscription to PS Plus. This promotion can be utilized by heading to the official newegg store for 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription and when checking out, make sure to use the promo code EMCFEEF33.

This is a limited time offer and it will expire on midnight Pacific time Sunday. If you were wondering about the upcoming PS+ games, you can check them out in detail from here. The highlights include Resident Evil 1 Remaster and Transformers Devastation for the PS4, which makes October a pretty good month for all the PlayStation Plus subscribers.


Keep in mind that this is a physically delivered item which means that there is no digital code, but instead the retailer will ship the code to your location. This unfortunately limits the potential of this offer outside of United States.

Let us know if you have managed to grab a cheap PS Plus subscription in the comments below.

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