PS Plus February 2018 Leak Confirmed Fake But You Can Still Get Free Far Cry 4

PS Plus leaks are usually common these days so when an image starting making its rounds last week, most people assumed it was for the PlayStation Plus February 2018 games lineup. However, as it turns out, the image was entirely fake and made by a user on reddit who later confirmed that it was his creation once it went viral and was posted everywhere.

The image showed Far Cry 4 and Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, both for the PlayStation 4. One strange inclusion was That’s You, which has been removed from the PS Plus subscription but it was still listed as part of the next month’s games lineup which made it an obvious fake.

However, while the upcoming PS+ games lineup has been confirmed to be fake, you can actually get Far Cry 4 for free with a PS Plus subscription if you have a EU account. This offer is available for limited time starting January 29th till February 12th so make sure that you can get the subscription before it expires. There are some terms and conditions that apply here.

Offer runs from from 29 January 10:00 GMT to 12 February 10:00 GMT and is only available to PSN accounts which do not have an active PS Plus membership at the time the offer is purchased.

To avail this offer, you can check out the PlayStation Store link for the 12 month subscription and while most others won’t get Far Cry 4 next month, atleast it is possible for those with European account to get it now.

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