PS Plus Free Games For July 2018: What To Expect?

PS Plus free games for the month of July 2018 still haven’t been announced yet by Sony. If the previous month is any indication, they are due to be announced soon but it is hard to get accurate leaks about the PlayStation Plus lineup in the recent months.

PS Plus free games are currently being offered for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita but Sony has confirmed that they will end the free games lineup for the PS3 and PS Vita starting next year. Right now, the focus of Sony is on getting as much quality PS4 games on the service as possible and they have already accomplished a lot this year with Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank, Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid V and Black Ops 3 all making their way to the service.

PS Plus June 2018 Games Lineup Revealed For PS4, PS3 And PS Vita

When Be Will PS Plus Free Games For July 2018 Announced?

You can expect to hear about the free games lineup for PS Plus on the last Wednesday for each month. This means you can hear about the games line as soon as June 27th, which is tomorrow.

What Can Be Expected For PS Plus Free Games In The Coming Month?

It will be hard to predict what games can be expected since Sony has now stopped offering games that are usually scheduled to launch in the coming month. This used to be the case for some indies in the past but it hasn’t been repeated for a while now. There are many good candidates from the first party alone that can end up being on the PS Plus service.

  • INSIDE (PS4)
  • Humans Fall Flat (PS4)

If Sony decides to settle on another first party game next month, you can expect any games from the list below to show up on the PS+ free games lineup for July 2018.

  • The Order 1886
  • Killzone Shadowfall
  • Gravity Rush Remastered
  • Everybody’s Golf

Let us know your own predictions in the comments below.

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