PS Plus For June 2017 Has A Slightly Different PS4 Game In Some Specific Regions

PS Plus games for the month of June 2017 are now available for download on the PlayStation Store. If you haven’t kept up with the offering for this month, the games are Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2 for the PS4. These two games have been confirmed a while ago but what wasn’t clarified was the replacement for Life is Strange for the region where the game has been banned or is simply unavailable.

While Life is Strange is a great interactive drama that has since achieved cult status among fans, it is also banned in some middle eastern regions like Bahrain and UAE. Those who have a PS Plus account in these regions won’t be able to download Life is Strange and instead will have to settle on its replacement.

The game that has been picked to replace Life is Strange is Jamestown+. This is a shoot-em-up that was originally released on PC and then later ported to PS4. Depending on what you like, it can be a suitable replacement for you if you don’t like the interactive drama of Life is Strange.

PlayStation Plus users are no strangers when it comes to slightly different lineup between the different regions. Last month, PS+ users in Europe could download Alienation while those in North America could pick Abzu.

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