PS Plus Lineup For November 2015 Won’t Be Announced Today, Confirms Sony [Update]

PS Plus games for November 2015 are still a mystery as Sony revealed last week that we will get an announcement at the end of the month. It appears that this announcement likely won’t come today as revealed by PlayStation EU Blog Manager, Fred Dutton on Twitter.

PS+ lineup is usually announced on each Wednesday at the end of the month so it is rather strange to not get any announcement this time around. While there are usually leaks about the lineup, we have next to no info about the upcoming lineup for November 2015.


PlayStation Plus subscribers usually get 2 free games each month for the Vita, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. For the month of October, Super Meat Boy and Broken Age highlighted the PlayStation Plus lineup.

Update: PlayStation Asia has revealed the PS Plus line for November 2015. You can check it out from here. While Asia usually gets slightly different games, it is possible that some of them will also be out for Europe and America.

Microsoft has already announced their Games with Gold lineup for November 2015 and it was exactly the same as the leaked lineup. Since Microsoft is now offering Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One, this means that Xbox One owners can now enjoy 4 new games each month. Sony has yet to comment on support for Backwards Compatibility but we do know from leaked ratings that some of the PS1 and PS2 classics are making their way to PS4. Hopefully we will get to know more about them at the upcoming PlayStation Experience.

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