PS Plus May 2016 Lineup Reportedly Leaked, Includes Watch Dogs For PS4

PS Plus lineup for the month of May 2016 still hasn’t been officially revealed yet but the whole lineup might have been leaked based on a screenshot from the German PlayStation Store.

This lineup was shared by reddit user ShirkerD with a off-screen screenshot that shows Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate being a part of the upcoming PlayStation Plus lineup. You can watch this in the image below.


Take this image with a grain of salt. Sony has yet to release a large scale retail game for PS+ members. The last time we had such a game released for PS Plus was back in December 2014, when Sony released Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS4 and inFamous: First Light.

Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate are both from publisher Ubisoft so it seems rather unlikely that they will be a part of the upcoming PS Plus lineup. In any case, this is a rumor for now so take this for what’s it is worth.

PS Plus games for the month of April included Zombi and Dead Star for PS4 so this could be an step up from the previous month. Zombi was another Ubisoft published game but it was a remaster of an Nintendo Wii U game, just like Injustice: Gods Among Us. Watch Dogs will be the first fresh game to be added to the PS Plus lineup, if this rumors indeed turns out to be true.

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