PS Plus September 2016 Will Feature The Same 2 Games Lineup For PS3, PS4 And Vita

Sony has recently increased the price of a PS Plus subscription from its regular yearly price of $49.99 to $59.99 per year. This price increase will be effective on September 22nd and it will be applicable to North America and Canada only.

If you were hoping for an improved or expanded PS Plus lineup after the price increase in August, you will be disappointed to know that it will remain the same for the most part.

Ps Plus

PS Plus EU Community Manager Frannifer has confirmed on twitter that there won’t be any changes to the regular 2 games per platform for PS Plus subscribers.

As explained by the community manager, the price increase already happened in Europe last year so it won’t take effect this time in Europe.

When asked to comment on the monthly games, the community manager politely declined to comment on them. Guess we will have to wait for the official announcement, that is due next Monday or Tuesday, before we can get a confirmation of the full PlayStation Plus lineup for September 2016.

PS+ is a monthly subscription service that offers free games for its subscribers each month. The games range from new indies to some old classics and usually average out as 2 games for each platform. Since this format will carry for the next month, don’t expect to see the lineup being expanded. But maybe we can now expect better PS Plus games in the coming month.

Let us know what are you expectations for the upcoming PS Plus lineup in the comments below.

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