PS Plus For September 2017 Will Include Just Cause 3 For Latin America Users

Just Cause 3 is one of the game that was missed by PS Plus users in Latin America. It was replaced by a completely different game for the Latin America users even though the rest of the world still received Just Cause 3. The game that was replaced for Just Cause 3 was Strike Vector EX. This caused a lot of outrage among the PlayStation Plus users who believed that they were swapped an inferior game compared to Just Cause 3.

This mistake appears to have been rectified with the confirmation that next month’s PS Plus lineup for Latin America will also feature Just Cause 3 in addition to the regular games. While Sony hasn’t confirmed the PS+ games lineup for the month of September 2017 for the rest of the world, atleast the Latin America PS Plus users can now rest easy knowing that they will be able to play Just Cause 3 for free next month.

The full PlayStation Plus games lineup for the month of September 2017 is expected to be announced this Wednesday on the official PlayStation Blog. Considering how good the past couple of months have been for PS Plus users, expect no less than the usual. Going by the release of Knack 2 next month, maybe Sony can finally offer the original game free to PS Plus users.

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