PS Plus Subscribers Almost Double In The Last 18 Months

PS Plus or PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that allows users to access certain features for their PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The subscription allows users to play games online with their friends, receive free games every month, and get discounts on various games.

Today, Sony announced that the number of PS Plus subscribers have almost doubled in the last 18 months. They revealed that the number of subscribers have gone up from 10.9 million in January 2015 to 20.8 million.

PS Plus salesPS Plus sales

Yesterday, these numbers were revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House, during a presentation. House said that the number of subscribers is “continuously growing”. He revealed that there has been a 51% increase in networks sales in FY2015 (April 2015-March 2016) compared to the previous year.

A few months ago, Microsoft also revealed the number of active Xbox Live users. They revealed that Xbox Live has 46 million active monthly users, however, these include both free and Xbox Live Gold users.

One of the reasons behind this drastic increase in PlayStation Plus subscribers is due to its requirement to access online multiplayer for games. This is a recent change, as players did not require a PS Plus Subscription to gain access to the online multiplayer on the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita. This change came about when Sony released the PlayStation 4.

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