PS Plus Subscribers Can Enjoy Another Free Game This Month In Certain EU Countries

PS Plus games for the month of April 2018 are already available to download but if you have a PS Plus membership from Spain or Portugal, you will be able to download one extra game with your membership. The free game for this month is Motor Strike: Immortal Legends which should be available to download provided you have the appropriate region account.

If you are interested in checking out this freebie, you can get to download it from the PlayStation Store link here. This is part of the program from PlayStation Spain that supports the local indie talent and gives the developers some exposure by making their games available to PS Plus subscribers.

PS Plus April 2018 Lineup Confirmed: Mad Max And Trackmania Turbo

Here are the games that have been released for the PS Plus subscribers since the start of the year.

  • Motor Strike: Immortal Legends
  • Kyurinaga’s Revenge
  • Flippy’s Tesla
  • Dynasty Feud

If you try to get these games by using an account from a different region, you are likely going to see a price listed for them. As for the quality of these games, it is up for debate but having something free of cost is no doubt going to be a factor here.

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription service that is required in order to play online multiplayer for PS4 games. It also offers monthly free games, exclusive discounts, themes and more if you are an active subscriber to the service.

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