PS Vita Firmware Update Version 3.69 Released

Sony has released a brand new update for the PS Vita today. This system software update version 3.69 is now available to download for every PS Vita user. It is a mandatory update that is likely available now to avoid any patches and exploits that were released for the firmware update version 3.68.

Sony’s unfortunate handheld hasn’t managed to fare that well when it comes to sales. The struggling handheld hasn’t received strong support since its launch but Sony’s only interest right now in it seems to curb any attempt to hack the device. They have always released a stability or performance firmware update whenever they want to patch any exploit, and this case seems to be same as well.

PlayStation Vita hasn’t received a major new firmware update adding significant features in a long time. It still continues to get 3rd party games but the first party support is dead and Sony has also announced plans to cut the physical support for the PS Vita going into 2019. It remains to be seen how long Sony will keep supporting the device at the bare minimum. PS Vita also received a PlayStation TV spin-off hardware but even that failed to take off, and it is currently available for extremely cheap if you can find any stock for it.

Let us know if you have managed to notice any changes after installing this new update in the comments below.

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