PS Vita Firmware Update Version 3.70 Is Out Now; Here’s What It Does

PS Vita fans will receive a surprise firmware update version 3.70 today, but what is included or fixed in it?

Sony might have cut off most of the support for the PS Vita, but it appears t that they still keep an eye on the hacking scene for the console. Recently, Sony updated the PS Vita System Software to version 3.70. This update is widely available now even though the official website still lists the latest version of the firmware update as 3.69.

PS Vita firmware update version 3.70 changelog doesn’t mention anything specific or includes new additions. It simply lists stability as one of the fixes in this firmware update.

PS Vita Firmware Update Version 3.70 Changelog: What’s New And What’s Fixed?

The homebrew scene was much more active over this update and has shared the changes that were made behind the scenes, and are a part of this system software update version 3.70.

So there you go. The changes made here are completely useless for the regular PS Vita users. It is likely related to the safety of the hardware and to reduce any exploits it currently has right now in order to gain access to homebrew.

Let us know what do you think about this new firmware update, and if you have installed and noticed any other changes in the comments below.

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