PS Vita Production To Officially End In 2019 For Japan

Sony is pulling support of the PS Vita in 2019 and ending the production of the hardware in Japan. This was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda.

PS Vita was the second handheld from Sony that struggled to find any success in the Western market. Despite this, it still managed to do well in Japan where it is on pace to sell through 7 million units, but that didn’t really help it much aside from giving it enough time to make it past the Wii U, which also faced similar failure.

The production of the PS Vita hardware will cease in 2019 as shared by Famitsu. This comment was made by Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda.

“Currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device,” Oda said. “In Japan, we will manufacture PlayStation Vita until 2019. From there, shipping will end.”

There is no word of what this will mean for the digital store on the PlayStation Vita. Sony removed the ability to browse the PlayStation Portable store but they still let users download the games that they have purchased on it. Considering the age of the PlayStation Portable, it is safe to assume that the same will apply to the PS Vita if the store is taken offline someday.

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